Client Testimonials

A short selection of client testimonials and how the iWALK has helped them.


A malfunction of the door of the Millennium Falcon while filming Star Wars 7, The Force Awakens resulted in it crashing down on Ford’s leg, badly breaking it. He found out about the iWALK2.0 and had to have it. Because he was in London at the time, we fitted him over the phone. He was walking within the first five minutes, impressive as he was 72 at the time.

A lesser known fact was that Ford used the iWALK for a second time a few months later when he was forced to crash land his plane on a golf course. While still restricted to a hospital bed, Ford insisted that the iWALK be approved by his surgeons for his recovery.

Harrison Ford (Actor)

Sloane Stephens is a nationally ranked tennis player (youngest ever to rank in the top 100) who had to withdraw from the 2016 US Open due to a foot injury. This resulted in her taking nearly a year off to recover.

She entered the 2017 US Open the following year, and despite little time on the court to prepare, wound out defeating Venus Williams in the semi-finals and going on to win the US Open title. iWALK was used during her recovery, and we’re proud to have played a part in such a remarkable comeback. .

Sloane Stephens (Tennis US Open Champion)

When we heard that Tommy Bowe had injured his ankle in a recent international match we were devastated. Then we thought of our new iWALK Free 2.0 handsfree crutch and decided to send one to him.

It seems that that the iWALK has really helped Tommy get around while recovering and he has said that its better than crutches.

We wish you a speedy recovery Tommy and hope that the iWALK keeps you mobile during your recovery.

Tommy Bowe, Irish Rugby Legend


“This is a product that I will definitely be recommending to my patients!”

“I am an Internal Medicine Hospitalist physician and found myself very limited in my ability to see my patients after I suffered a calcaneus fracture.”

“iWALK2.0 has literally been a lifesaver!”

“This is a tool that has been invaluable to me both professionally and in my personal life.”

Dr. Ryan Logan (MD)

“No other device provides the combination of stability and mobility that is needed in the operating room setting.”

“I needed surgery to repair a lacerated tendon in my big toe. It required that I be non-weight bearing for 3 to 4 weeks. Standard crutches or a knee walker wouldn’t give me the mobility I needed to continue performing surgeries. Crutches simply limit mobility; a knee walker doesn’t allow for the combination of stability and mobility needed in an operating room.”

“The iWALK 2.0 is wonderful! I love this device!”

Dr. Thomas Florack (MD, FAAOS)

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I knew crutches wouldn’t cut it so I ordered the iWALK.”

“I had microfracture of my talus for osteochondral defects and was non-weightbearing. As an orthopedic surgeon, I knew crutches wouldn’t cut it so I ordered the iWALK. The iWALK was a great tool to get me back to operating and the clinic. I was also able to spend time with my family, exercise and participate in day to day “life” activities. We even kept our scheduled trip to Orlando. Thank you iWALK”.

Dr. William Whiteside, MD

“I was able to comfortably work 12 hour shifts during the COVID pandemic”

“I recently had surgery on my Achilles’ tendon. During the pre-op visit, my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sara Galli suggested the iWALK Crutch for my post-operative recovery to increase my mobility and facilitate my return to work. Getting the iWALK was the best decision. The fact that it was hands free and stable allowed me to return to my position as an emergency nurse practitioner during the COVID pandemic. My presence was critically necessary at that time and the iWALK allowed me to be there for my patients and colleagues.”

“This product is a great asset to non-weight bearing conditions. It allows for ambulation on multiple terrains, is hands free and is extremely stable. I was able to comfortably work 12 hour shifts utilizing your product. I am convinced I would not have been able to maintain that level of activity with any other mobility product.”

Carolyn Storck, NP-C

“I have crutches and a scooter. iWALK blows them out of the water!”
The IWALK is an incredible device! I have crutches and a scooter. The IWALK blows them out of the water. Hands down it’s the most functional gait device for lower extremity injuries.”

“Went back to operating 1 week after Achilles repair. Back to playing with my 2 year old with fair regularity. Most amazing part of this is actually the engineering and fitting. Cheers to the team at IWALK for creating a solution to a functionally difficult problem.”

Ankit Bansal, MD

“This product exudes excellence. I want other surgeons to know about it!”

“I’m a 58-year-old orthopedic surgeon. I recently sustained a plafond fracture which required surgery. I got your device today, and after a very few minutes I love it! This device is going to enable me to operate again three weeks sooner that would have been the case without it.”

“Thank you to the inventor. I love engineering excellence and this product exudes excellence. I want other surgeons to know about it!”

Dr. William "Clark" Jernigan, MD Orthopedic Surgeon