Dr. Robin Logan Internist Recommends iWALK3.0 to Orthopedists

Dr. Logan, a Missouri based internal medicine physician, knew that recovery from a heel bone fracture would not be easy on his professional and personal life. Getting around while keeping weight off his injured foot was mandatory for this busy doctor. Doing rounds each day is a big part of his responsibilities to his patients, and it would be nearly impossible, and certainly much slower, on crutches. Dr. Logan obtained a knee scooter, which allowed him to get from floor to floor with ease but didn’t make much sense while standing at a patient’s bedside.

Dr. Logan has a number of friends in orthopedics and physical therapy, and he mentioned his predicament to them. One noted seeing iWALK3.0 at a convention but had never tried it. Dr. Logan decided it was time to put the hands-free crutch to the test. He also insisted that his skeptical orthopedic surgeon try it as well. Skepticism turned to amazement in less than a minute. Dr. Logan was able to move from bedside to bedside with no problem and his hands were free to take notes as needed. Cumbersome crutches and knee scooter were replaced with iWALK3.0. “I love this product as it vastly improved the quality of my life over the past two months.”

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