Dr. Jim Sears Physician Recommends Skeptics to try iWALK3.0

Dr. Jim Sears, a board certified Pediatrician and co-host of the Emmy Award-winning medical talk show The Doctors, is a known good sport. Some may even refer to him at the show guinea pig — willing to try all types of medical treatments, often resulting in funny segments on the show. When he was first introduced to iWALK3.0, a silly peg-legged pirate was his first vision. However, he quickly put this vision aside and thought of his number one priority, his patients.

When it comes to new medical technology, doctors try to be open-minded but also exercise caution. They need to be certain that any recommendation will help and not harm a patient. Sears knows all too well that crutches were a pain for any person. Knee scooters were gaining popularity, but iWALK3.0 was the only true hands-free crutch on the market. Very intrigued and recognizing the necessity for a crutch alternative, Sears put iWALK3.0 to the test.

Skeptical of the device, Dr. Sears had multiple concerns. Would it be comfortable, safe, and convenient for his patients? “It took me about five steps before I was totally confident,” he noted after trying it on for the first time. Like many other first-time iWALK users, he was expecting to feel unstable, and he thought he might even experience pain in his knee or shin. Rather, “the iWALK crutch eliminates the pain and brings back the use of your hands and arms.” He couldn’t believe how easy the hands-free crutch was to use and how stable he felt almost immediately.

The most remarkable improvement over crutches and the knee scooter was the ability to use his hands and arms while walking around on only one foot. Doctors constantly use their hands, whether taking notes, writing prescriptions, feeling for pain or pressure points, or performing surgery. iWALK3.0 allowed Dr. Sears to carry on with all of the functions of his demanding job. “Man, this is great!” exclaimed to colleagues.

While Sears was incredibly impressed with the mobility allowed by iWALK3.0, he also noted the inherent and positive psychological effects the device can have on those suffering from lower leg injuries. Patients gain a sense of freedom as soon as they understand that iWALK allows them to maintain their day to day activities and active lifestyle. Dr. Sears recommends iWALK to anyone with a lower leg injury and especially encourages other physicians to give it a try. “It’s simple, inexpensive, and effective, and a massive improvement over conventional crutches.”

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