Dr. Elmo Agatep Skeptical Doctor Puts iWALK3.0 to the Test

Dr. Agatep, a board certified MD in Orthopedics and sports medicine, among other disciplines, prescribes crutches all the time – even to his most active patients, including the USA women’s volleyball team. Following standard protocol, he did the same with a patient who suffered a foot injury and was unable to bear weight on her broken foot for at least 6 weeks. Imagine his surprise when a week later she sauntered into his office without crutches!

He watched his patient with interest and noted that “she walked through the office as if she was injury-free.” iWALK3.0.” Dr. Agatep, used to seeing patients hobbling around on cumbersome crutches, was amazed at his patient’s mobility and stability. He immediately recognized the mobility and psychological benefits the hands-free crutch alternative would have for all of his patients, including his elite athletes, so Dr. Agatep committed to wearing iWALK3.0 for two days. “I wanted to be sure that this was something I could, in good conscience, recommend to my patients,” he explained when asked why he tried it.

Dr. Agatep’s initial expectations weren’t very positive. Would it be comfortable? Would it take a long time to get used to it? Would he feel stable? Yes, Yes, and Yes! He found iWALK3.0 “to be quite comfortable and balance was intuitive….and it was very safe.” Dr. Agatep quickly adapted to his day to day activities while wearing iWALK3.0 and realized how incredibly effective it would be for any patient who suffered from injuries where healing required that no weight be put on the injured portion of the leg.

The California-based doctor could not believe that it was the first time he was seeing this incredible device that not only gave patients with a broken ankle, fractured foot, or torn Achilles tendon mobility but also significantly changed their path to recovery and overall disposition. He noted that muscle atrophy, generally apparent after using crutches for an extended period of time, was greatly reduced. In addition, patients experienced “a sense of freedom because of their ability to remain active and independent.” He noted that injured patients actually felt empowered rather than disabled! “iWALK3.0 is an incredible addition to the care that doctors can provide their patients!”

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