Dr. Duane S. Pinto Busy Harvard Cardiologist Gets Back to OR with iWALK3.0

Dr. Pinto, a practicing interventional cardiologist who performs multiple surgeries each week is a very important person to his patients. Performing complicated heart surgeries is no joke, and Dr. Pinto recognized that he wouldn’t find many of his patients laughing when he revealed that he would have to postpone surgery or recommend a different surgeon because of a broken ankle.

Broken ankles are a drag! They are even worse for a busy cardiologist who adds speaking conferences to his already full plate. Unable to bear weight on his ankle for many weeks, Dr. Pinto couldn’t stand the thought of not being able to perform operations on his patients. He knew that crutches were not the answer. Imagine a doctor trying to perform surgery while on crutches? No thank you! “I need my hands free and can’t lean on crutches for procedures in an operating room,” Dr. Pinto explained.

Fortunately, Dr. Pinto found iWALK3.0 and was able to get back to performing complicated surgical procedures on his patients after just a few days. Patients and fellow medical professionals found Dr. Pinto’s peg leg amusing but were thrilled to see him walking up and down stairs and using his hands in the operating room. Crutches were not an option for this busy doctor, and fortunately for him and many of his patients, iWALK3.0 came to the rescue.

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