Dr. Clark Jennigan iWALK3.0 Equals Excellence in this Orthopedic Surgeon’s Mind

Dr. Clark Jennigan is beginning to wonder why so many patients with lower leg injuries such as a broken ankle, fractured foot, or ruptured Achilles tendon, are still hobbling around on crutches. Jennigan, an orthopedic surgeon from South Carolina, put iWALK3.0 to the test after surgery resulting from a plafond fracture in his lower leg. Knowing that his recovery would take many weeks, Dr. Jennigan was not interested in shifting his patients aside because of his own injury. He also knew that neither crutches nor a knee scooter would allow him to operate during his recovery. He needed the use of his hands!

Jennigan had heard of iWALK3.0 and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to give the only hands-free crutch on the market a try. Within a few minutes of trying it on, the surgeon was able to move about freely, keep his foot elevated, and perform day-to-day activities that would have been impossible with crutches. Realizing he was going to be able to operate 3 weeks earlier than expected over-joyed the doctor and prompted him to write iWALK3.0 to compliment them on their excellence in engineering. “I want other surgeons to know about it!” Thanks to Dr. Jennigan they will!

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