Reclaim your Freedom!

iWALK allows you to stay mobile while recovering.

The Obvious Choice

The iWALK ofers greater mobility over conventional crutches.

End the Pain and Inconvenience

iWALK is a stable and easy solution to staying mobile.

iWALK Freedom

Think of all the things you cannot do when using conventional crutches (preparing a meal, walking your dog, carrying a cup of coffee). With the iWALK you no longer need to have your life interrupted. Enjoy the freedom to resume your day to day routine and enjoy pain-free functional mobility.


Can I use an iWALK?

For most people the answer is YES! iWALK crutch is easy and intuitive. It allows people with lower leg injuries (not due to weight bearing) lead functional, hands-free, pain-free lives during their rehabilitation.

Why Buy an iWALK?

Make Life Easier


Hand Free Mobility


Light Weight and Comfortable




Walk Up and Down Stairs

iWalk How To Guide

Want to know how to assemble, fit, or walk using the iWalk 3.0? 

iWALK 3.0

Better than crutches!



While filming Star Wars 7 Harrison Ford broke his leg when the door of the Millennium Falcom crashed down on him. After being fitted with the iWALK 2.0, the 72 year old was walking within five minutes.